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Tool design and production

Our key activity - design and manufacture of stamping tool. We are able to manufacture all the sorts of stamping dies, acording to Client needs : from simple blanking, forming, swaging, to complex progressive stamps. Stamping tool production is carried out in a brand new R&D department, so  qualified engineers working with  modern equipment  ensure the highest quality and durability of stamping  die. We maintain strong partnership with every Client, and every new project is assigned to  a responsible engineer  from the R&D department to meet individual needs and create competitive advantage in metal stamping


We manufacture stamped/pressed parts for automotive, furniture, construction, electronic and other industries. Stamped parts can be made from different metal types – all types of ordinary and stainless steel, nonferrous metals. Thickness of the metal used = 0,1 – 20 mm. Maximum dimensions of stamped part: 4000mm in lenght, 1800mm width. We manufacture in small as well in large quantities.To meet Client needs we offer additional assembly and processing services. 

Multi-component assembly

Pressed, stamped, deep-drawn pieces and moulded parts made from all workable metals can be assembled by mechanical processing, laser cutting, welding and various drilling, milling, polishing services. No shape is difficult for us, no customer requirement unusual.

Other services

Mechanical processing and assembly;
Various drilling, milling and polishing

Partner services

  • Surface treatment:
  • Grinding - polishing
  • Zinc coating
  • Powder coating
  • Painting
  • E - coat (electrophoretic cathode metal coating)

Other types of coating are available according to individual requests of the Client

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