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R&D Department


The main our advantage - ENZISTANZ R&D DEPARTMENT – was established embracing European Structural Fund support. and cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology, the largest technology university in Baltics.
Engineering department with newest equipment tries to find new oppurtunities and methods in metal stamping idustry. Adapting better materials and advanced manufacturing equipment and technology lets to raise product precision and durability, also to reduce financial costs during the process of manufacturing.


In order to ensure production quality we use modern measuring equipment:

  • 1 DEA Global Image 3-D measuring machine
    Equipment Measurement range : x = 700 mm, y = 1000 mm, z = 660 mm

Electronic quality management system:

  • EDV-Server: 

For technical failure protection, continuous processes and increased system stability


ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO TS 16949 sertificates are planing in 2015

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