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About us

ENZISTANZ is a new, one of the most modern complex stamping tools designer and manufacturer in Baltics which provides their Clients an opportunity to reduce financial and time costs, retaining the highest quality. Company concentrates on Automotive, Furniture, Electronics, Construction sectors in Europe, and provides the full service – from prototyping to mass production.  Experienced engineers and technical capabilities  enable us to produce complex details up to 4 meters in lenght and use up to 20 millimeters thick plates from different metal types (all types of ordinary and stainless steel, nonferrous metals). In order to ensure consistent production quality, we use modern measuring equipment and in 2015 we are planning to  acquire certificates(DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001) confirming  our production quality. Also ENZISTANZ offers  our Customers all the additional processing: welding, painting, assembling.



Baltic Automotive Components Cluster
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